Everything you might want to know about your dog is there in front of you. This course will help expand your understanding of your canine friend.

This course will be available as an online course in 2023.

Hi, I’m Sarah Fisher and this is my ACE Canine Tutor, Henry.

I have had the privilege of learning from multiple dogs over decades.

Although I am the Director of Animal Centred Education, it is Henry and Miss Cookie Dough Dynamo who are the founders of this peaceful and rewarding way of supporting animals in all aspects of their life.

This course is closed for enrollment.


ACE enables the dog to be the pilot of his own learning experiences.

Learning layers introduced within ACE Free Work deepens our connection with our canine friends. ACE Free Work helps us find our dog's BACE line and offers calm foundations on which all further learning can be built.


Finding your dog's BACE line enables you to develop skills together, and take those learning layers into new environments